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Name: Taylor Renee
Major: I’m majoring in History with two minors in Biology and Classics
School: Ohio Dominican University
Years Cheering: this is my second year cheering in college, 11th year cheering in total

Home State? Ohio
Position on team (back-spot, base, or flyer)? Flyer

Are you on all-girl or co-ed? All girl

How did you get involved in cheer? 
Originally I started doing cheer as a complimentary sport for gymnastics when I was in grade school. I started doing it again in college as a way to be more involved in my school.

Does your school compete? 
As of now we have not, but we may try to do a competition this year.

 What is a typical week like for you?
I go to class 20 hours a week and practice 4+ hours a week.
During football season we cheer home and most away games on Saturdays, and during basketball season our squad cheers both women’s and men’s home games throughout the week. Since we are in basketball season right now, its about 14 hours a week for cheer. On off nights I study or go out with friends.

What is a typical practice like for you?
We usually start in the campus dance studio by warming up, then practice jump sequences and time-out cheers and dances. Then we move to the gym to practice stunting and routines.

What is your favorite thing about cheering in college? 
So many things! But to be such an important representation of my university is like nothing else. We work really hard each week and when someone recognizes me around campus, its a really great feeling.

How do you balance school, a social life, and cheer?
Its really difficult. You have to really know your priorities. I have my schedule written out in 4 different places!

What advice do you have for someone considering college cheer?
I would say go for it! Its a great way to make new friends and get involved on campus. BUT, know that it will mean sacrificing some nights out for studying.

Most important thing you learned from cheer? 
Cheering has really given me confidence to do things I never thought I could. It’s thought me that anything’s possible!

What do you love most about cheering for your school? 
I love that we are a smaller, community based school and that carries over to our squad. Everyone is very supportive of each other.

What were tryouts like for you? 
The first time I tried out for college cheer, it was a day long tryout. We learned cheers chants and a dance and had to perform them all individually in front of judges along with jumps and any tumbling you could do. I was so nervous that I forgot the entire dance. But I stayed enthusiastic and showcased my talents as best I could, and I still made it.

My Favorite Animal: dog

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby, 

Favorite Tv Show: How I Met Your Mother

Plans for after your cheer career is over? 
Well I’m graduating in the spring so my cheer career is coming to an end but I would really love to coach my high school’s squad someday if I ever have the opportunity!

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Anonymous asked: What schools have all girl teams that you have at chance at making with a tuck

Drury in Missouri.Look for smaller schools. Is it standing or running?

Anonymous asked: Do you know anything about ASU cheer?

no. I think they are more just for performances 

Anonymous asked: I really wanna cheer at ole miss but I feel as if the cheer squad and whole school at that is more concerned about looks than people who can actually cheer or are even smart.

Ole Miss is a large school with many great programs to look in to. I’m in college at an SEC school, and trust me everyone cares about their grades or they’ll be kicked out. Overall, Ole Miss has a very talented cheer team and value someone who can make the squad better, Maybe Ole Miss is right for you, you should go visit the campus or talk to some people on here who attend the school. :)

Anonymous asked: Which sec schools do you think have the most competitive and least competitive sqaud too make? I really wanna cheer for a sec team but I dont think I have what it takes.

All of the SEC schools are very competitive it would be very hard to rate them in terms of competitiveness. But schools like UGA, Mizzou,USC, and Alabama have large squads and depending on the year take a lot of new athletes. 

Anonymous asked: What stunting skills do you need for Penn State University Park tryouts/ cheerleading team?

basics are need. Like heel stretch and extensions 

boooo-u-whoree asked: do you know any colleges where its not necessary for level 4/5 ?

yes. some of the smaller division schools are and private ones 

possiblymacmiller asked: What do you think of the Memphis University cheer??

Usually place in the top 5 at UCA College Nationals. They are a great cheer program and everyone thete seems to love it

Anonymous asked: How competitive are the teams at university of San Diego, ucsd, and San Diego state?

Sand Diego State is the most competitive but they are all very good schools. 

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